Book Organization Struggles!

Dear Fellow Writers,


I have reached the part of my book where I am not sure exactly how much information to share! The concept of my book includes references to legal actions and court scenes, and as a legal student, I am pulled to be a little technical.

I worry that the logic of law may overshadow the intrigue of the story. Or, perhaps law is interesting in general? Really don’t know- but that is where I find myself. NaNoWriMo is almost over- and I have let my preoccupation with details bring my progress to a complete halt! Do any of you ever get so stuck inside your head that you have a hard time writing through it? How do you manage? Please comment any advice below! I could really use the encouragement!

Love always,



Obviously the Hero

I started out my novel with a hero.
He was brooding and dark and troubled-BUT he was the hero.
After two years…I’m not really sure he fits the bill.
My supporting character is (was) far more interesting than my hero.

What’s a writer to do?
I had my supporting character killed. She was far too interesting and likable

What is going to happen next? I wish I had a clue. Those of you who follow this page know that two years ago I created this tale without a map. There are loose ends everywhere needing tending to.

As of right now-I am heroless. I might like it that way..