A home invasion of the poultry kind!

Good Afternoon Hearthside Adventurers! I have a bit of a story to tell you that I hope brings you a smile. The dog and I had quite the eventful day!

My dog Peaches and I have a routine. I take her outside for a romp everyday before lunch. Most of you are aware of how bitingly cold it has gotten-even in North Carolina.

I looked at the thermometer I have on the window before we went out. It had heated up from a mere 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) to nearly 38! Whoo Hoo! Heat wave!

As soon as we went out there was a loud rustle and the crooning of excited hens. They always run to greet me, so I really didn’t think anything of it. They sort of constantly assume I am there to feed them-even when they have already been fed.

Peaches did her thing, frolicked a little, and then we headed for the house because it is still really cold! Peaches doesn’t have tons of fur, and I have no tolerance for the cold. Today was different though. As soon as I opened the door we were bombarded by four hens beating us to the entrance! The dog, of course, bounds in after. I couldn’t even get her to hold still long enough for me to take her leash off. I guess the chickens are also miffed about the weather!

I entered into a mad house! There was a hen in the sink. Another was cowering under the dining room table from the cats. Still another had made it all the way to the master bedroom and was blissfully gulping down cat food and one was perched blissfully in the Christmas tree trying to eat the tinsel (I know- I know- bad Sarah! Why is your tree up already!? Well, we usually don’t put it up until mid December, but being 35 weeks pregnant I worried that I wouldn’t end up decorating because I ran out of time!)

It took me an HOUR to wrangle these hens out of the house! Partly because Peaches was chasing them and was absolutely no help at all, and partly because every time I got one out of the house, another one that I had previously escorted out would charge back in!

Sitting in the aftermath, there is cat food everywhere and the tree is now leaning decidedly to the left! I do sort of wish I had had someone on hand to film the chaos! In any case, I hope that you are all staying warm-and perhaps got a chuckle from the home invasion I just quashed.