Book Organization Struggles!

Dear Fellow Writers,


I have reached the part of my book where I am not sure exactly how much information to share! The concept of my book includes references to legal actions and court scenes, and as a legal student, I am pulled to be a little technical.

I worry that the logic of law may overshadow the intrigue of the story. Or, perhaps law is interesting in general? Really don’t know- but that is where I find myself. NaNoWriMo is almost over- and I have let my preoccupation with details bring my progress to a complete halt! Do any of you ever get so stuck inside your head that you have a hard time writing through it? How do you manage? Please comment any advice below! I could really use the encouragement!

Love always,



3 thoughts on “Book Organization Struggles!

  1. I say keep explanations short. You might have to drop bits in more than one spot to get the whole idea out. Dialog works well, but avoid ‘as you know Bob’ dialog.

    You might have to edit this part quite a bit. Remember your reader might be an eighth grader and not an attorney.

    You need an ‘about me’ page. How could I not follow someone named Sarah the spaz?


    • Coldhandboyack thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight. I agree that if I were an eighth grader I probably would have skimmed those parts. This book is going to require a lot of hacking when I get through! I see that you’re a published author! Will definitely be getting my hands on “Arson”. Thank you again!


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