Favorite Things Friday!

Is there a better sound to start off the morning than a whistling tea kettle or the sound of it humming merrily before it reaches it’s boiling point? Probably not! We still have a good portion of the Summer season lingering, and even though I don’t run the A/C, I still love a good cup of hot tea in the morning! 

I had a herb garden so that I could make my own tea, but our hens decided that the area was scratchin’ territory! Regardless, there is still no end to the tea in this house and on any given day there are probably at least six to choose from. I like variety! If I go somewhere and there is something new that I haven’t tried, you had better believe that those leaves will be mine!  

Last September I went to our local festival which is basically a send-off for Summer-a final hurrah if you will. There was a new booth there- and guess what? They had hand-crafted teas! I was so excited! The tiny bag of loose-leaf tea was probably not worth $5.00 if I am being completely honest with myself. Alas! I could not resist! I went home that day with a measly bag of tea labeled “Mint Berries and Cream”. I suppose the cream flavor is intended to come from a source outside of the tea because on its own there was no creaminess. Never-the-less, I was satisfied…although I never did finish that little bag. 

As much as I love tea I still don’t have an infuser, and usually exclusively use tea bags. Through my own laziness compounded with the unwillingness to have chunky tea, that little bag of loose-leaf tea still sitting in my collection. Mocking me. So rude. What’s more, while I cannot seem to be bothered to pick up one of the very basics that tea drinkers of the world probably possess, but I can’t seem to stop collecting tea pots and other random bits of china from various tea services. Nothing matches save the tea service that was once Chris’s Great Grandmothers (which I never use).

What is your favorite type of tea? If you don’t drink tea, how do you prefer to be woken up in the morning? 
Happy Friday to those of you who get weekends off! 



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