The long road home: Part Three

Do you remember how in the last post I had told you that Chris and I were going to cross the “how we would bring up our children” bridge when we came to it?

Hahaha…well…isn’t God just funny sometimes?


He knew what it would take to turn my heart back to Him, and he made it happen whether Chris and I were ready or not! Chris and I knew that the very bridge we were trying to avoid was upon us…two months before our first anniversary!

I knew what my vows were, and somehow I was not afraid. I felt this immense calm wash over me. God has welcomed me home with the greatest homecoming gift that a woman could ask for!  I thank him everyday for working this tremendous miracle in my life!

Finally, the petty reasons for my anger with God have disappeared- I have only reasons to rejoice. Am I afraid? Sure. We are a one income family at the moment. But when I doubt, I remember another woman, far greater than myself, who also may have thought that God’s timing might have been a little crazy and I take comfort in offering up my fears to her that she may intercede. While I am not carrying the King of Kings destined to rid the world of sin and pain, I know she hears me and understands my fears.

This Christmas I will be welcoming my own little son- the little boy who brought me home.


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