The long road home: Part Two

In August 2011 I became engaged to the man who is my best friend. He had also left the church of his upbringing (Southern Baptist) and was flailing through life on his own. When my family found out about the engagement they welcomed him with opened arms.

Chris went to my father to ask him for my hand in marriage (I could not be there because I was away at school and lived two and a half hours away!) That was when my mother cornered him into the living room and broke out the dreaded Baby Scrapbook! You all know. I am sure your mothers have done the same to you!

When Chris had completed his tour of my childhood my mother looked at him sternly. You will have a Catholic wedding and raise Catholic babies. I don’t care what Sarah has told you, that is her faith, her upbringing, and her culture.

I had a snit! I did not want to have a Catholic wedding! I wanted an outdoor wedding like all of the romantic ones on Pinterest! In any case, I caved. The plans were on. Chris and I had to go to a retreat where we learned many things and were forced to talk about the practical things that lovey dovey young people overlook (such as finances). We learned so much that we just kinda looked at each other like “Hey, this isn’t so bad. It’s actually kind of helpful!”

The only thing that I did put my foot down about was not wearing my mother’s wedding dress. Sure, it’s lovely, but those 80’s sleeves would have made me look like a pinhead! See below!

I mean really! Check out these sleeves!

I mean really! Check out these sleeves!

Our wedding was gorgeous. I was married in the church that my mother was married in by a very jolly priest. We traveled all the way up to New York for the ceremony and it was a million times better than any I could have planned myself (thanks to my mother). I was getting close, but I was still not home in my faith. We sort of shrugged off the bit about “raising our children in the faith” and told one another that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.


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