Why my prayers are for Israel

I want to preface this post by stating there was never any intention of turning this blog into a political soapbox. However, politics are a part of life. Further,  some of the viewers of this blog are from Israel, I would like them to know that my prayers are with them.

Here’s why:

The people of the United States have allied themselves with Israel since its formation by NATO after World War II. The hatred of the Jewish people has been a global scourge as far back as ancient Egypt. It is the very mother of race driven hate and until the world is able to see one another as human beings, it is a scourge that will continue to exist.

I support Israel’s right to defend its borders to its utmost capability. Why? Because they are a sovereign nation. Because it is the same right that we as US citizens have kept safe on our own borders (well…until recently). Because it is analogous to defending your home from a break in. Would you simply stand there, mouth gaping, while people stormed into your home and ripped your lives apart? No! You would fight back and defend your rights and the rights of those you love.

My prayers are with Israel. There are many within the United States that feel our alliance with Israel is no longer relevant. There are even those who believe that the actions of the Israeli government to protect its citizens are downright sinister. However, I am not one of them.

Israel-I am with you.



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